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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Create A Child's Picture Book

Here's a great idea for building vocabulary, encouraging speech and developing language skills.

Here's what you will need:
  • Hard cover binder (Option: Get one that has clear pocket inserts on the front and back covers so you can personalize it for your child) The size of the binder will depend on how many pages you have in your book.
  • Clear plastic (poly) sheet protectors The number of sheets will depend on the number of pages you have in your book.
  • One 8 1/2" x 11" piece of cardstock or cardboard for each plastic sheet protector you have in your book. (Optional)
  • Photos, pictures, clipart, etc. Cut out or print pictures of your child's favorite people or things. You can use pictures or prints of family members, favorite TV characters, animals, objects, colors, numbers, etc. Your choices are limitless! Choose pictures of things that your child is interested in or can relate to. 

Cover: If you choose a binder with a pocket on the front cover you can slip in a picture of your child to personalize the book or you can use something that your child has drawn.

Inside sheets: Put one picture in the front and one picture in the back of the sheet protector. I also suggest putting a sheet of cardstock between the two pictures to prevent little hands from bending the page. This will also makes it easier for little ones to turn the page. Write or print the name of the picture on the page too. It's never too early to expose a child to the written word!

As children develop more language skills you can add adjectives or sentences to the pictures. Instead of "socks" you can put "two socks". When they have mastered that, go on to three words like "two big socks". When they tire of these pictures, change them out for new ones to keep it interesting.

As your child develops more language skills, you can put in more complicated pictures and have your child tell a story about the picture. Or insert pictures that demonstrate emotion and then you can ask questions like "Why do you think the boy is crying?"

I made a picture book for my grandchildren and I often find them reading the book to each other. These books are sturdy too. Our book has been around for three years and I've only had to replace three of the sheet protectors.

Another option:  Use Sign Language to teach your child the names of the pictures. Kids love to sign and it's another fun way to learn language. Here's a good website for learning simple signs for kids.

Have fun!

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