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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fridge Magnet Fun

I bought my granddaughter the "Fridge Phonics" set from LeapFrog about four years ago. The letters have been a permanent fixture on my refrigerator ever since. I've purchased a "bazillion" toys since then for her and my grandson... some they played with for a week and forgot about, and some they still play with occasionally. But they go back to the Fridge Phonics over and over again. They love to insert the magnetic letters into the player and sing the little song... "M says mmm. M says mmm. Every letter makes a sound. M says mmm." It's a catchy little tune. But over the years they have become very creative with the way they play with this toy.

At first, as toddlers, the purpose of the game was to pull all the letters off the refrigerator door, throw them around the room, and then watch Nonna pick them up and put them back on the door again. This game seemed to be very entertaining... to the grandkids, that is.

As time went on they learned to place the letters in the player and sing the little song... then throw the letters around the room and watch Nonna pick them up and put them back on the refrigerator door. (Note: This is a very sturdy toy. Those letters have been tossed around, stepped on, and tripped over for four years and they still work!)

Fortunately (for me) the throwing years have come and gone. The children have now come up with educational ways to use this toy. They love to line the letters up in a straight line or a big circle (in alphbetical order, of course). They take great pride in knowing what sound each letter makes, and what letters they need to write their names.

My granddaughter is almost five so she is into creating words. I put up an ending like "an" and then she chooses letters to place at the beginning to make words. We've also started looking for final consonants to add to words. I put up "ar" and she looks for the letters to make it "art", "arm", or "ark". I also line up the letters in alphabetical order, then remove some and have her put them back in the correct spaces.

You can also use this toy to teach the difference between consonants and vowels. It demonstrates both sounds for each vowel and both hard and soft sounds for C and G. 

There are so many ways you can use this simple toy. LeapFrog also sells sets of letters without the player. It helps to have two of each letter when you start building words, but it's not necessary. Enjoy!

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