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Monday, November 28, 2011

Eye-Hand Coordination Activities

Three important things that a preschool child must develop in preparation for Kindergarten are
  • strong bodies,
  • strong hands, and
  • the ability to pay attention.
Good eye-hand coordination makes accomplishing these things a lot easier. Here are four simple gross motor activities that will help your child develop good eye-hand coordination.


1.  Catch the Ball

This is a great activity for eye-hand coordination and all it requires is a ball. (You can also use a pair of rolled up socks!) Start with larger balls for toddlers and as they progress, use smaller and smaller balls.

  • Tired of chasing after missed balls? Here's a great idea I found online. Put the ball in a net bag (like the ones onions or potatoes come in), and then hang it from your porch or door frame. Your child can throw the ball and catch it all by themselves.
          Hint: Use a soft ball so when your child misses the catch, it
          won't hurt when it bops them on the head!

  • Your child can also throw a ball against a wall or fence and catch it as it bounces back. Simple but effective.

2.  Bop the Balloon
Blow up a balloon and have your child keep it in the air by "bopping" it before it reaches the ground. When one balloon becomes easy, try keeping two in the air!    Then three...


3.  Pop the Bubble
Blow bubbles and have your child pop them before they reach the floor. Start out with bigger bubbles for toddlers. As children get bigger, the bubbles can get smaller. 

4.  Kick the Ball
Kick a ball back and forth. As with previous activities, start out with a larger ball.  Vary this activity by having your child kick it to a specific place or between two objects.

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