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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Increasing Your Child's Attention Span

Do you have a preschool child who has an attention problem? You can help increase your child's attention span by providing fun activities that allow the child to focus for extended periods of time. Here's an easy, useful activity to help you accomplish this.

Have your child listen to a story and then tell the story back to you.

Before you start:

Find a quiet spot with no distractions. No TV, radio, pets or other children in close proximity. It doesn't take much for a child with an attention problem to become distracted, so make it as easy as possible for the child to focus. If you know the child has a specific interest, or likes a particular type of story, find a book or base your stories around that.

What to do:

You can read a book, or have them listen to an audio book from the library, or you could record yourself reading a book and have them listen to that. If only listening, have the child lie down and close their eyes. If it's a longer book, tell the story in shorter parts. Build the length of time they have to listen by choosing longer and longer stories. Don't expand the length until you see that they are able to focus on the shorter ones first. With younger children you can start with nursery rhymes or poems.

Additional Activities:
Make copies of pictures in the book and have your child put them in the correct order.

*  Copy and cut out pictures of the characters in the story and let the child use them like puppets when telling the story.

If your child likes to draw, have them draw pictures about what happened in the story.

This activity is easy to do and, if done consistently, serves as an effective tool to increase a child's attention span.  It also provides important one-on-one time between parent and child. Give it a try!

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