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Monday, November 7, 2011

Nonna and Me "ABCs BINGO"

Here's a new letter game that Nonna and Me will be introducing soon on our website. It's called ABCs Bingo and it's designed to teach preschoolers to identify uppercase and lowercase letters.

The game will come with eight bingo game boards imprinted with lowercase letters, and a deck of 52 uppercase letter cards. Children take turns picking an uppercase lettercard from the deck. If it matches one of the lowercase letters on their game board they get to keep the card and cover the correct lowercase letter on their board. If it doesn't match, it goes on the discard pile. The first child to cover all 6 letters says BINGO and wins the game. (Cards in the discard pile can be reshuffled and used again if no one has won when the deck runs out.)

We've been testing this out on 3+ year olds and they love it! They suggested some interesting changes that we've incorporated into the design of our game. (Kids are so smart!)

We're interested in some feedback from you. Is this something you think you would be interested in purchasing for your preschooler? Let us know.

Example of ABCs Bingo Game Board

Individual uppercase letter cards

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