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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Five Senses: Learning About Our World

Has anyone ever asked you "Did you hear that?" or "Do you want to taste this?"  We use these kinds of questions because of our senses. Without thinking about it, we use our senses all day long to gather information about the things around us.

The senses of sight, smell, touch, taste and hearing are the 5 main ways that people and animals take in information. Each sense takes in different kinds of information and then uses our central nervous system to process this information. When our sense organs (eyes, ears, nose, tongue and skin) are stimulated, nerve impulses are sent to the brain through our central nervous system. 

Teaching your children about their senses is very important. Using activities that stimulate their senses help the brains develop. Teaching your children about their senses is also a great way to help them understand how their bodies work. (I've also read articles about how activities that explore the senses can benefit children with autism.)

The following are links to websites that list various sensory activities that you can do with your children:
Nibbles...Ideas For Families 
Little Giraffes Teaching Ideas
Gayle's Preschool Rainbow

I've also created two Senses Activity Sheets that you can use with your child. 

Start with Sheet 1:  Begin to discuss the five senses by using these pictures and sentences. Ask your child to give you the correct word that will finish each sentence. Then have them cut out each picture on the dotted line (or you can do it for them.) They'll need these for Sheet 2.

Sheet 2:  Ask your child to name each picture in Column 1 and then choose the most important sense that they would use to help their brain figure out what the object is. Have them paste that picture over the questions mark above the column. Do this for all five columns. 

This is also an opportunity to discuss how we sometimes use more than one sense to identify objects. Choose an object from Sheet 2 and discuss which senses your child could use to send important information to their brains.  (Example: flowers - sight, smell and touch)

                             To Print: Double click on sheet to open it. Then right click and choose Print Picture
Sheet 1

Sheet 2

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