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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Sleepy, Silly and Sad: Adjectives

We've talked about nouns and verbs... now it's time for adjectives. Adjectives are important elements of language and grammar. They help language come alive by describing nouns. You can teach your child about adjectives by starting with a simple word game. 

Have your child give you a name of a person, place, or thing. (Let's use this example: dog.) Write down the word at the top of a piece of paper. Then ask your child to describe the dog. Write down the words that your child uses in their description. You may have to prompt them by asking questions. "Is it a big dog, or little dog?" "What color is the dog?" "Is the dog hungry?" "Does the dog like to play?", etc.  

Then read what you wrote down back to your child:  big dog, brown dog, hungry dog, playful dog, furry dog

Explain that the words big, brown, hungry, playful, and furry are words that tell you something about the dog. They are called adjectives. Ask your child to close their eyes and then read the list again. Ask them if the adjectives helped them picture the dog in their mind.

Then you choose another word. Have you child close their eyes and you give them some adjectives that describe the word that you are thinking about. Then ask them to draw a picture of what you just described. Discuss how adjectives helped them know what to put in their drawing.

Here's an activity sheet that will help you teach adjectives. You can also use this sheet to reinforce the concepts of nouns and classification by asking them if the pictures are person, places, or things.

To Print: Double click on the picture to open it. Then right click and choose Print Picture.

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