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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Letters Activity Bundle

Nonna and Me has put together a fantastic assortment of products for preschoolers (and kindergarteners too.) We call it the "Teach, Play, Learn Letters Preschool Activity Bundle" and you can find it on Amazon!

The bundle includes:
  • 52-page ABCs Coloring Book
  • Mom's Choice Award Honoring Excellence winning ABCs DVD (32 minutes plus 25 minutes of Bonus Material including the Sign Language alphabet) that teaches letters and sounds using animations and music
  • 40- page ABCs Book that follows along with the ABCs DVD, includes the Sign Language alphabet
  • Lightweight 7 1/2" x 6 1/2" double-sided Dry Erase Paddle Board with 4 Dry Erase Markers (red, blue, green, black). Perfect for letter writing practice!
  • 32" Alphabet Order Caterpillar Puzzle
  • 6" Plush Gorilla Learning Buddy that comes in 6 different colors
  • 3 double-sided 8 1/2" x 11" Letter Activity Cards
Reading begins with the ABCs! The "Teach, Play, Learn Letters Preschool Activity Bundle" is a fun way for your child to develop reading readiness skills. The ABCs Book, Coloring Book, DVD and Activity Cards introduce preschoolers and kindergarteners to the alphabet. They learn letters and their sounds, and see and hear words that begin with those sounds. These products use attention-grabbing, multi-cultural animations and graphics, along with entertaining sound effects and a wide variety of music on the DVD. The ABCs DVD received a Mom's Choice Award Honoring Excellence in 2014.

We've also included a cute Alphabet Order Caterpillar Puzzle and a Dry Erase Paddle Board (with 4 markers) in our bundle, giving little learners hands on experience with their letters. And, since everyone needs a friend, we've included a Plush Gorilla Learning Buddy Toy to keep your child company as they practice their ABCs.

Click on the Amazon links below to take a closer look...

Bundle with Purple Plush Gorilla
Bundle with Green Plush Gorilla
Bundle with Orange Plush Gorilla
Bundle with Yellow Plush Gorilla
Bundle with Pink Plush Gorilla
Bundle with Blue Plush Gorilla

Parent-child interaction is an important element in a child's development. We strongly encourage you to use our bundle products along with your children, initiating discussion on what they see and hear.

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